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Alessandro Busi: born in Bologna, Alessandro has fallen in love with ancient history in his childhood and has never fallen out of it. His latin and greek studies, in high school, he learned of someone who would become very important to him: Julius Caesar. When Alessandro meets Alessandra, years later, the two discover they have a lot in common, including a profound love for ancient art, history and culture. They marry and live in Bologna, a green city with a glorious past and strong ties to the Romans and the Etruschi. In time, their shared dream to live in a roman house (a domus) grows and becomes the Domus Libertas project, an open and welcoming roman house for the 21st century.

Alessandra Rossato: born in Milan, Alessandra has always loved history, reading and historical reenacting. Chance – or Fate – puts her on Alessandro’s path, and the rest is the story of a happy marriage. While living in Bologna, the two start dreaming of a house in the country, an idea that morphs into a much more ambitious project, involves friends from all ways of life – archaeologists, architects, engineers, painters, etc. – and soon becomes Domus Libertas, a roman house built to be habitable in the 21st century.

The team

From the building techniques to archaeology, from interior design and decor and communication, a project like Domus Libertas required the support of skilled professionals from a wide range of fields who have come to work in constant dialogue with one another.

Just as importantly, the team is made of people who immediately understood that such an ambitious project requires not only professionalism and experience, but also passion and conviction. Creating Domus Libertas is a challenge we’re going to win.

Valeria Zadumina

Contents – Valeria Zadumina

Valeria Zadumina - translation and proofreading from Italian to Russian.Valeria Zadumina is an interpreter and translator, with a degree in Italian Culture and intercultural...

Construction – Michele Barboni

Michele Barboni - Structor.Son of Gabriele Barboni, from a very young age he received a paper cap and the thousand good advice that only...

Gabriele Barboni docet

Magister Structorum Gabriele Barboni speaks, in the new interview inserted in the Video section, of the bricks that will be used for the construction...
Gabriele Barboni

Construction – Gabriele Barboni

Gabriele Barboni - Structorum Magister.Gabriele Barboni learned the technique and the art of the trade from true artisans and master masons. Become an apprentice...
Camilla Rinaldi

Contents – Camilla Rinaldi

Camilla Rinaldi - content and entertainement.Graduated in archeology and cultures of the ancient world and in primary education sciences, expert in Japanese culture, Camilla...