Researching Pompei and Ercolano – Part 1


Recreating a Roman domus requires researches, detailed analysis, studies and on-location supervising journey on the location of the best preserved and well-known domus; namely, it would require visiting the ancient ruins of the cities of Pompei and Ercolano.

A few months ago the creative team behind the project decided to visit these to historical marvels. With the help of Claudio Calastri, the archaeologist whose main task is to help keep track of the historical and heritage coherency of the project, we visited first Pompei then Ercolano, adding another stop at the National Museum of Napoli, a true gem.

The beauty of the ruins of Pompei have been well documented over the centuries: The frescoes, the building, the streets and even the smaller details like shops entrances and railings, they all take the visitor back into a very different time. It was a day of inspiration and wonder, and we all learned more there than we could have hoped to from books and libraries.

Ercolano was a pleasant surprise: somewhat lesser known, the town has a completely different character than Pompei. The group learned of construction techniques, materials, fabrics, wook works, plasters and frescoes, and much more. Hopefully is only the first o a series of trips that will keep us company for the duration of the Domus Libertas project.


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