Construction – Gabriele Barboni

Gabriele Barboni

Gabriele Barboni – Structorum Magister.

Gabriele Barboni learned the technique and the art of the trade from true artisans and master masons. Become an apprentice mason still a minor, in the footsteps of his elder brother, he worked as a boy with a true artist of ancient brick, Sisto Bottini, participating among other things in the restoration of the Abbey of Pomposa.
He has shown over the years that a work chosen and carried forward with passion alone good fruits.
Now his business cards are houses built with love throughout his career, especially the one he lives in, the highest point of his passion for masonry and old bricks, which he built virtually alone over several years. years – it is appropriate to say “brick by brick”.
Thirty years ago he created his own construction company, where he now works with his son.
Passionate about meditation, he is endowed with great spirituality. Infuses this and other qualities in the houses to which it is dedicated. His passion for masonry has led him to be a point of reference for meticulous renovation works that respect the spirit of the house itself.
Builds Domus Libertas to allow the house spirit to emerge and to make sure it does it best.
The Genius Loci of the Domus will certainly have its face.


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