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Magister Structorum Gabriele Barboni speaks, in the new interview inserted in the Video section, of the bricks that will be used for the construction of Domus Libertas.
Since ancient times man has built with the brick, which is born taking the land of the place, giving it a shape and putting it in the sun to dry to harden.
Natural, ecological ingredients are used at zero kilometers, strongly characterized by the surrounding area. Now like two thousand years ago.
The bricks that make up Domus Libertas derive from those used for the construction that previously existed on the site (seriously damaged by the earthquake of 2012) which in turn was built by recovering older bricks.
The bricks that have been recovered do not all have exactly the same format because they were produced in different periods, from different furnaces.
The use of different molds, of similar but not identical size, in periods where even creating bricks was an almost artisan activity, brings a wonderful variety.
The builder’s ability also becomes that of building a regular wall by harmonizing bricks all a bit different from each other.
The ancient bricks have different colors and different hardnesses, which derive from the intensity of the fire of the furnace in which they were fired; closer the brick to the heat, the darker the color.
When two bricks are slammed together a sound is generated that allows those who know how to recognize the characteristics of the brick.
With the ancient bricks Gabriele Barboni, Master Builder of Domus Libertas, he feels he can best express the beauty of his work.


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