The Domus Libertas Association

The Domus Libertas Association mission is sharing a vision of the culture and art of ancient Rome with private visitors, associations, historical re-enactment groups, public entities and private companies. We bring together people who love history and wish to share their enthusiasm with others, hosting special events in an extraordinary setting.

The Association supports the project Domus Libertas. Well active in the local community, we will organize events both inside the Domus and in the park that surrounds it, including conferences, lectures, concerts, plays and historical reenactments open to all members of all the Association. In addition, the Association promotes the creation of an educational path that, through various artistic forms (frescoes, statues, mosaics, home decor, etc.) and multimedia, illustrates everyday life at the time of the Roman Empire.

The Association will develop intercultural projects – in collaboration with the local and national institutions – with the aim of launching interdisciplinary projects in schools.
Plus, Domus Libertas will bring Italian and foreign tourists to Crevalcore, exploring the natural and historical richness of the area and its culinary tradition.

Work has already begun, but to get to the finishing line we need the help of all of those who want to contribute economically to the creation of Domus Libertas. Explore the website, tour the project, and decide whether you want to become a member of the Domus Libertas Association. Members who choose to pledge for one or more rewards will receive a reward in return, the value of which depends on the amount pledged.

As the Romans said: “Do ut des”. Help us build Domus Libertas!


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