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Join the project, become a member: download and complete the Form, then send it to the email address: associazione@domuslibertas.it

The annual membership can be paid here via Paypal

Standard annual membership: €10,00

  • Members can vote for the election of the council members of the Association and can run for the council. Members will be included in the mailing list of the association and will have access to reserved exclusive initiatives regarding Domus Libertas.

Supporter: €30,00

  • Supporters will receive the same benefits of the Standard members plus one homage (beneficium) chosen by the Council Board.


The Domus Libertas Cultural Association supports the Domus Libertas project and pursues the following goals:

  • To share the culture and the principles cornerstones of the Italian – and European – civilization.
  • To open the Domus to visitors and enterprises that share our love for history and of ancient Rome, and that wish to share that passion with fellow enthusiasts.
  • To spread the knowledge of Roman and classical history and culture, of the archaeological studies and of the philosophies of those times.
  • To support the project Domus Libertas, a living museum inserted in the local territory and cultural activities.
  • To prove that the art, taste and culture of ancient Rome can be found in our time and in the daily life of our homes, a goal that brings together different identities: private home, bed and breakfast and cultural association.


The Domus Libertas Association will promote numerous activities:

  • An educational path through the Domus. Frescoes, statues, mosaics, classic traditional furniture, etc. will guide the visitor through their visit. Media supports will illustrate everyday’s life at the time of the Roman Empire;
  • To host public, corporate, and private events in association with private visitors, associations, historical re-enactment groups, public and private institutes, companies, schools and universities.
  • Cultural events organization: conferences, panels, seminars, screenings of films and documentaries, theatre performances, concerts and courses.
  • Courses on artistic historical heritage: Ancient gastronomy, decoration, painting, sculpture, weaving and crafts. Cultural activities for children and adults.
  • Publications on the life of the Association.
  • Members-only special events – meetings, conferences, plays for the members (“Roman citizens”) of Domus Libertas.


To become a member of the Association send your MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION via email to associazione@domuslibertas.it The annual membership can be paid through Paypal (paypal.me/domuslibertas). Each member will receive a membership card.


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