Domus Libertas is a cultural project that aims to demonstrate that the art and culture of ancient Rome can exist in our time and in the daily life of our homes. Domus Libertas merges together different identities: Private house, bed & breakfast, cultural association. The Domus will bring sustainable tourism to the municipality of Crevalcore, a small but historically relevant centre of the region Emilia Romagna.

Developed by a family passionate of classical history, the Domus Libertas project originates from the idea of ​​rising a building that respects current regulations and law requirements – not least anti-seismic – using energy saving solutions, while maintaining the characteristics of the ancient Roman domus in what today is the north-east region of Emilia, at the time known as the Province of Gallia Cisalpina.

Interdisciplinary courses, intercultural education: these are the building blocks of the project, born out of love for ancient history and for the origins of the Italian and European civilization. Domus Libertas aims to be a living museums that, through various artistic forms (frescoes, statues, mosaics, etc.) and through media supports, will take the visitors through everyday life at the time of the Roman Empire.

In collaboration with local institutions and private, corporate and public partners, Domus Libertas will regularly hosts interdisciplinary projects that, from cultural activities to conferences, concerts, theatre performances and historical re-enactments.

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